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time now correction kinesiology

It is mandatory to state “This session will cost you One Million Dollar!” (or something alike to provoke a shock-state) after any kinesiology correction made, because anything can reinstate the old behaviour. The possibilities given and corrections made in relation to these possibilities and the issue aim for a certain permanency of the corrections made. The goal is to keep clear from refraining of the old, same behaviour. Continue reading

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Communicate with outcome in mind | mindfulness | life worth having lived

Communicate with outcome in mind, become awate of what you ar doing, be mindful, learn to live life at its fullest. Third rule Makia, Be focused. It all starts with a bit of self-hypnosis. Continue reading

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The secret of Huna: be Mindful

The secret of Huna – The Secret – is be mindful. Energy flows, where your attention goes. Now you can learn to become mindful, be mindful, be High. Open your mind’s eye Continue reading

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