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time now correction kinesiology

It is mandatory to state “This session will cost you One Million Dollar!” (or something alike to provoke a shock-state) after any kinesiology correction made, because anything can reinstate the old behaviour. The possibilities given and corrections made in relation to these possibilities and the issue aim for a certain permanency of the corrections made. The goal is to keep clear from refraining of the old, same behaviour. Continue reading

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dna activation | meditation | next step

Sensitization of the body, the gateway to our DNA? Steps in the sensitization process of the body. We are to uplift consciousness in this world, as this was Sri Aurobindo’s goal. It should be this route to follow, because anything else will make us do the same thing over and over again, until this civilization is ready for the dustbin. Continue reading

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mankind of the future | brain activation | supramental | vipassana

I have a dream … activation of our brain, our nervous system will lead us to the spirituality – at the end – each of us searching for. Know you can make this happen. And I promise you our world will evolve to a higher standard. Continue reading

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Principles of solving SUDOKU manually | simple

SUDOKU for the beginner there is only a bunch of numbers. But once you know the ground rules, you can start looking for structures that help you overcome the blur of watching these numbers. Sudoko in essence is a variation of the game category “MEMORY”. Continue reading

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Project management huna teachings

Project management is defined by a strict set of steps (eight principles). Huna also is defined by a strict set of steps. In my way of looking at it, both seem the same. Continue reading

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6 key principles persuasion cialdini

We live In a complex world where people are overloaded with more information than they can deal with. Overloaded people fall back on a decision making approach based on generalizations. These generalizations develop because they allow people act in a correct manner with a limited amount of thought and time. Continue reading

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Bring structure in chaos | give structures names

Chaos is like a gray mass. You think/feel you have no control over it. Learn to see structure. Learn to recognize the possibilities. Doing so you overcome your feeling of helplessness. I have learned to see structure in playing SUDOKU. Continue reading

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