Prepare yourself energetically before you apply for a job

‘Energetic Job Application’. Learn to apply from an energetic perspective

Everyone knows how difficult it can be to find a job. Especially in these times. I know from personal experience. We have all sorts of explanations.

  • It’s the age.
  • It’s my experience.
  • It’s my sex.
  • It’s my certification.

In this weblog I want to offer a different tactic to yourself, namely  ‘Energetic Job Application‘.

Have you ever thought about the quality of your energy field?

During the ‘Application Course’ – I was offered – the first thing addressed was ‘Trauma recovery’ with the aim to apply for jobs after this stage with new zest. And that’s good! But …

.. what if it does not work though? Where do you get your energy from when you are without, despite the trauma counseling?

You’ll first need to start with yourself to get back to ‘Feeling Energetically Healthy‘.

The definition of ‘Feeling Energetically Healthy’ is,” to be able to feel your body as if it emits a shield of energy, as if there is a aura of energy surrounds the body with the right quality.

Energy Shield

Energy Shield

If anything else does not work, you might want to prepare yourself energetically with such a shield. Just like a magnetic field. Ready for you to attract that job that fits best.

Some people have enough enthusiasm to generate this ‘shield’ automatically. Others will really have to work for it. Just as one have to work out to lose excess weight.

“I can remember it well. It is May 19th 1984 and my workplace had come to an end.  I was young and full of energy. So I went to the employment agency and found a job at the Rijks Computercentrum in Apeldoorn. A workplace that I may fill 25 years. [HS]”

You can create only positive things from a positive attitude, a positive feeling, positive basic attitude

Recently – listening to Esther ‘Abraham Hicks – I started to learn about “Creating your own reality’ based on the ‘Law of Attraction’. The core of this method is based on “the premiss to bring yourself in a positive attitude from which all positive intentions MUST manifest themselves”.

But how do you do that?!

This morning I woke up with a strong impresssion to feel my bodies ‘Energetic field/shield’. It is from this impression that I write this weblog.

It is my intention to bring others – including you – to go create. Whether it be work, money, relationship, information, situation.

Behavioral filters (People, Places, Things, Information, and Activity). [ NLP ]

The procedure for the “ENERGETIC APPLY ‘

Step 1. Become aware of the shield. Create it, feel it,  nurture it. [PS I wonder if this is the ‘answer’.]

Step 2 Once aware of this shield – Esther ‘Abraham’ Hicks would perhaps call the’ high-flying disc ‘- apply for a job. Experience the outcome of this hypothesis.

I – myself – am averse to manifest things that I think I want. I want to test this hypothesis by listening to The-Source-I-am-Born-With [TSIABW]. It is my strongest belief that TSIABW has the best for me at heart and that it will bring me where I can be employed at best.

Step 3. Check whether the shield still holds and become aware of what is manifested.

Invitation to actively apply for that one job

I invite you to take part in this experiment with ‘Energetic Application’ to find out yourself firsthand. You have nothing to lose and you can only create a better life. Creating the best living conditions for yourself and take responsibility for yourself.

Huib Salomons – Practitioner Specialized Kinesiology

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2 Responses to Prepare yourself energetically before you apply for a job

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  2. revati.sks says:

    Mahalo nui me ke aloha, I took a back bassage two days ago: now some musles really hurt me…I belived into the terapist’s skills with no doubt…shield is wonderful tool, be blessed aloha, LOL. Željka Kakarigi

    Serge; ” Pain pain pain go away, I do not want you here today, cells relax, blood move fast, feel good now, make it last ! HO’omaika’i !

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