dna activation | meditation | next step

Sensitization of the body, the gateway to our DNA?

Steps in the sensitization process of the body

Now that we have established that meditation is the natural way to activate the midbrain. The next step is to investigate “What is that good for [midbrain activation]?”

As midbrain activation is the start of the sensitization of the body’s nervous system, the next step in this sensitization process is the activation of the genes that lay dormant in our DNA.  It is stated 97% of our gene-pool is still unexplained. [Ancient Aliens, documentary]

Among the horror stories that are being told about hidden illnesses there might be our clue to the God-gene. How else can we explain logically the experience of the deep spiritual?!

If we are to uplift consciousness in this world – as this was Sri Aurobindo’s goal -, we should follow this route. Because anything else will make us do the same thing over and over again, until this civilization is ready for the dustbin.

Huib Salomons

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