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2013 … Let us start make a miracle happen, with a miracle mindset

[Par. 1] Kick off the New Year with a miracle mindset. Begin each day with a prayer for peace and happiness. Say out loud or to yourself: “Thank you, inner guide, for reminding me of all of the love and light in my life. I welcome positive support throughout this day. I expect miracles”.
This daily prayer will jump-start your day with a miracle mindset and awaken your consciousness to the greatness around you. [Start the miracle,]

[Par. 2] “And waking towards dawn, meditation was the splendour of light for the Otherness was there, in an unfamiliar room. Again it was an imminent and urgent peace, not the peace of politicians or of the priests nor of the contented; it was too vast to be contained in space and time, to be formulated by thought or feeling. … meditation was the very essence of life.” [Jiddu Krishnamurti,]

[Par. 3] “… As soon as we arise above mind to the supermind, this initial harmony will be replaced by a greater and a more integral unity.
The thoughts of the supramental reason meet together and understand each other and fall into a natural arrangement even when they have started from quite opposite quarters.
The movements of will that are in conflict in the mind, come in the supermind to their right place and relation to each other. The supramental feelings also discover their own affinities and fall into a natural agreement and harmony.
At a higher stage this harmony intensifies towards unity. The knowledge, will, feeling and all else become a single movement. This unity reaches its greatest completeness in the highest supermind.
The harmony, the unity are inevitable because the base in the supermind is knowledge and characteristically self-knowledge, the knowledge of the self in all its aspects. The supramental will is the dynamic expression of this self-knowledge, the supramental feeling the expression of the luminous joy of the self and all else in supermind a part of this one movement.
At its highest range it becomes something greater than what we call knowledge; there it is the essential and integral self-awareness of the Divine in us, his being, consciousness, Tapas, Ananda, and all is the harmonious, unified, luminous movement of that one existence. …” [Sri Aurobindo,]

[Par. 4] “… We are the result of millions and billions of years of evolution and nature has evolved us to a point at which we have come to a point that we are able to take evolution one step further by getting the control over our mind-body complex and ultimately rise above it. In order to be able to get rid of greed, anger, aggression, envy, jealousy and so forth which are the result of our perception of being a separate entity (our ego) that needs to struggle against other egos to survive in this world, we must develop qualities of true cooperation and compassion that enable us to move on.
Just imagine that once all the cells that now form our bodies existed as separate entities until some of them decided to come together and form something greater, to take evolution to the next phase. We are at that point right now where we can give up our egos for a united global human society. …” [Vipassana,]

1. Start the miracle of “Mankind of the Future”

It is our duty to make the next step for this world. The development of Civilization – just like in trading –  can make two movements. “Go UP” or “go DOWN”. A civilization can fall back into “dark middle ages” or evolve into a civilization starting “Mankind of the Future”. In the first scenario we have not learned what we were supposed to have learned. In the latter we do have learned something. Just enough to lift the development of mankind into the direction Energy wants us to evolve … to “Mankind of the Future”.

2. It is not by chance

It is not by chance that our world has build up knowledge about computers.
It is not by chance that “we” build computers in mirror of our nervous system.

Now is the time to … become aware that each of us can reach and work towards a personal understanding of our nervous system. For when we activate our midbrain – in ultimo our nervous system –, we also may become aware of the Otherness or the Supramental that lies dormant in each of us. I do not know whether this is equivalent to Kundalini, but I have a strong notion that the answer lies in the Sensitization of our Nervous System. [Given the paragraphs above: Par. 1 to Par. 4]

3. Understanding of our nervous system: brain activation

“… Vipassana is a technique that is being taught in meditation and it is basically the objective and non-reactionary observation of one’s bodily sensations which are arising and passing away while maintaining perfect equanimity.
That is, one observes one’s bodily sensations and whenever a thought enters one’s mind, or one feels an itching sensation, or a pain, or any other sensation – pleasant or unpleasant – one does not react to it, one just observes neutrally, like a scientist for a moment and then returns one’s attention to the object of meditation, to the bodily sensations.
All the while, one keeps in mind that the inherent nature of all sensations, all phenomena is to automatically arise and pass away. Some of them may stay for some time while others may pass away quickly, it doesn’t matter. By simply observing, one slowly gets rid of the deep-rooted conditionings that one has acquired in the past.
Vipassana puts in front of us as the ultimate goal nothing less than one’s complete liberation from all conditionings, which is definitely quite an ambitious aim to have. However, while the goal defines where the journey is going, the effects of Vipassana are to be felt instantaneously, although they can be quite subtle to begin with. []

Just like Krishnamurti, Sri Aurobindo and all of those who have gone before us, we – each of us – have to … start observing our thoughts, feelings, pains. Not naming, just observing while maintaining perfect equanimity [Vipassana]. It is from this observing that we activate our brain to function in a whole new way.

4. The old way does not work!

We all know by heart that … the old way does not work!
Living the easy life, the life we have always lived … can and will lead us back into the “dark middle ages”, will bring down our civilization. Is that what you want for you and your children and your childrens children??

If not … then … now is the time to start working for “Mankind of the Future” and …

Kick off the New Year (every day) with a “miracle mindset”.
Begin each day with a prayer for peace and happiness. Say out loud or to yourself:
“Thank you, inner guide, for reminding me of all of the love and light in my life.
I welcome positive support throughout this day. I expect miracles”
Let this daily prayer jump-start your day with a miracle mindset and awaken your consciousness to the greatness around you and in you.

Now the reasoning behind this is basic … act as if it is already there and your “brain/body” can only but make it happen! []

And once you have activated your brain – your nervous system -, you opened the path for Consciousness to experience Otherness or the Supramental first hand.

5. I have a dream

I have a dreamactivation of our brain, our nervous system will lead us to the spirituality – at the end – each of us searching for. Know you can make this happen. And I promise you our world will evolve to a higher standard.

I have a dream … that this is where you and I and our children and our childrens children are heading for. That is what we want … go up, don’t we?!!

Huib Salomons
Practitioner Specialized Kinesiology

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