Sedona | The art of letting go

Aloha, Mahalo, Kalana, Maluhia

Lately I saw the movie “Letting GO The Sedona method”. Below is the movie trailer.

Aloha, Mahalo, Kalana: these words – in that sequence – resemble the steps you take when you are ready to let go of those nagging thoughts and feelings that have pestered your live from day one.

Letting Go Movie Trailer Sedona Method Movie

“No matter who we are or what we do, most of us feel we’re held back by something. We need something more to feel whole. We need more money, more power, more drama, more drugs, more food. We believe we need to consume the world in orde…”

I interpret this message that is brought to you – when you are watching this movie – as follows:

  • you can make your life bearable. All by yourself and … now! You don’t have to wait for tomorrow.
  • you can live a life free of pain that is holding you mentally. Free from those nagging thoughts and/or feelings, that make your everyday life so miserable.

The art of letting go

All you have to do is following these three steps. When you make these steps in the right state of mind I promise you, you will see your life change as you start feeling differently every time you repeat this procedure for that main goal: Free your self from these nagging thoughts and/or feelings.

Note: But before you make these steps it is important that you bring yourself in a relaxed state. A state in which you are willing to come to yourself.

And while you are in that state of feeling relaxed, you take a deep breathe and  make contact with that nagging thought and/or feeling. Now you are ready to LET GO!!

As you follow these steps you CHECK within yourself if and when you are ready to answer the Sedona questions: Are you willing to let go? Can you let go? When would you let go?

  1. I welcome this feeling and/or thought. (ALOHA) => Are you willing? (S)
  2. I thank this feeling and/or thought for being here. (MAHALO) => Can you? (S)
  3. I let go of that feeling and/or thought. (KALANA) => When would you? (S)
  4. I spread the feeling of all is well (PONO)
  5. I receive and give that what is good (MANA)
  6. I am mindful (MALUHIA)

Note: Step 4 and 6 are added to make the process to go even deeper! You don’t have to do them. But it doesn’t hurt if you try!
Step 4 helps you check if and when you are feeling good about the process (environmental check).
Step 5 is the releasing of the new felt energy.
Step 6 is sensing the effectiveness. Just observing.

And do not hold yourself back to the working field of thoughts and/or feelings. It even works with pains of other nature.

This is my promise: After you do these steps in the process of “Letting Go”, you will find yourself quiet and relaxed. Ready to make the next step in your life!

Could You, Would You, When? Letting Go Movie Preview

“A hospice chaplain talks about how he uses the basic Letting Go technique to help those most in need, describing what you can start doing for yourself and everyone you care about, right now. Don’t let the simplicity of this technique…”

Huib Salomons
Practitioner Specialized Kinesiology

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