Communicate with outcome in mind | mindfulness | life worth having lived

Know where you are going, since “energy goes where attention goes”.

Rule 3. MAKIA – Energy goes where attention goes – BE FOCUSED

Put all your energy into achieving what you want out of this life, be focused and clear on what it really is you want. Place your energy into having a happy, joyful and loving life NOW.

Focus your attention on what makes your heart sing and open up fully, take steps in achieving what you consider a fulfilling life and remember yours is most certainly going to be different to the other four billion people that live on this planet so encourage others to do the same and live and let live.

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Ross Jeffries wrote on one of his blue learning papers, “always communicate in mind”. He – of course – does this with a wink and a smile to seducing the significant other. But – as you come to think about – it is applicable to all actions you take: small or big. And as you read the inset, you find it is a rule to be taken as an axioma.

Think back to the times you were to do something. Think of that little step, like making something to drink. Now what did you do then? You thought by yourself, “I like something to drink” or you were asked to make something to drink.

Yes, what happenend? Your focus went from doing something to “make something to drink”! The outcome was to present something to drink. To come to that outcome , the actions you took were steps you always made. Now automatically and as if normal. You did it on autopilot. But still the first thing you did was, “make the decision to make the outcome go from thought into reality”. Wasn’t it?

Such is the power of Mind. You can superimpose this principle of everything you want to do in your life. Well, you should. Becoming aware of the power of directed attention / intention, you will find the power of Creation as a second nature, as real as food on your plate. While hypnosis is nothing more than a state of  hightend suggestability, you surely can imagine you bringing yourself in a state of self-hypnosis. A state where you find yourself more open to the thought of being able to communicate with outcome in mind, only to find yourself doing so.

On the road of being Mindful. If you were to be a projectmanager you would do this professionally on a daily basis. But you don’t need to be a professional to make things happen in your life. You only make the conscious decision to “communicate with outcome in mind”. It is the first step on the road of being Mindful.

Mindfulness. A way of living that keeps you away from  being overwhelmed by stress(es) of – and in – everyday of life. In essence, the one road to Live life to the fulles. Think of what made your life worth living. When you are true to yourself, you will notice these are the moments of “deep awareness of the moment”. These moments where you were in touch with the Now. You may think it was the other, but really your nervous system was triggered to make you really feel. These were the moments that burned a memory in your memory system that stay with you for the rest of your life.

A life worth having lived. The beauty of it is, you can make this happen for every moment of your life. All it takes is, training your nervous system to be alert and live in the moment. And with “living in the moment” as THE outcome in mind, you will train and learn to live the life that is a life worth having lived. Your nervous system will offer you great manifestations. Manifestations every other can only dream of, but you will have them well deservingly.

Mahalo nui,
Huib Salomons – practitioner Specialized Kinesiology – Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

Live the life
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