Huna focusses on Awakening Psychic Abilities

Awakening Psychic Abilities

What do you do when you are told:
“YOUR RELIGION is what YOU believe, NOT what you’re TOLD to believe.”

This article is about Huna principles and what meaning they have for the practitioner.

You must know Huna can be practiced as a religion and from that point of view, notice that there are TWO BIG DIFFERENCES between Huna and what is typically called religion.

  1. Huna principles do not demand belief or even speak of belief in the usual sense, because the Huna practitioner either KNOWS a thing or suspends judgment about it until they can experience the results until such time as they prove it for themselves.
  2. Huna principles do not endeavor to convert anyone from whatever religion he holds. Huna principles EXPLAIN life to you and enable you to see the DEEPER MEANING and PURPOSE than you ever knew.

Self mastery mind techniques

Realize now that,

  • the Huna principles are based on direct and repeatable observation of what happens, not based on faith,
  • the Huna principles contain elements of philosophy, science, and religion,
  • we often speak of Huna principles as the truth which lies behind all religions alike. It is truely a science, because it explains spiritual/metaphysical matters not as theological belief, but of direct knowledge obtainable by study and investigation,
  • the religious aspect of Huna principles give  practitioners rules of life … not based on alleged “commands” given to the “chosen” at some remote period in the past, but on plain common sense as indicated by observable facts.

Practicing Huna Principles

You know practicing Huna principles can lead to a great joy and emotional strength and an awareness of the nurturing nature of the Earth. Over time Huna practice can lead to an amazing experience of wholeness and connection that becomes over time, your most natural state of mind and awareness.

It was Max Freedom Long who found great  value in  Huna principles and developed the modern and Public knowledge of what we call Huna through an extensive study and exploration of The Ancient Hawaiian language and root meanings of the words.

While seeking answers form People in Hawaii he uncovered core beliefs and practices and an effective system for spiritual development on all levels.

Today the Huna practice includes …

  • information from Max Freedom Long: the results of decades of testing theories,
  • the information from some of those who preserved teachings over the many years that the indigenous religion and spirituality of Hawaii was under attack and forbidden.

The “Divine Will” is expressed in what we know as the Laws of Nature.

Kahuna Energetics – James Vinson Wingo, DD. – Serge King.

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One Response to Huna focusses on Awakening Psychic Abilities

  1. What do you do when you are told:
    “YOUR RELIGION is what YOU believe, NOT what you’re TOLD to believe.” The Seven Huna Principles
    From URBAN SHAMAN by Serge King, © 1990

    Awareness, freedom, concentration, persistence, love, confidence, wisdom

    IKE- Awareness, The World is what you think it is
    (everything is a dream, all systems are arbitrary)

    KALA – Freedom, There are no Limits
    (everything is connected, separation is a useful illusion)

    MAKIA- Concentration ,Energy Flows where attention goes
    (everything is energy)

    MANAWA- Persistence, Now is the moment of power

    (everything is relative, power increases with sensory attention)

    ALOHA- Love, To love is to be happy with
    (Love increases as judgment decreases, Everything is alive, aware, and responsive)

    MANA – Confidence, All Power comes from within

    (everything has power, power comes from authority)

    PONO – Wisdom Effectiveness is the measure of truth
    (there is always another way to do anything,
    the means determines the end)
    dream weaving

    Huna Principles copyright Serge Kahili King

    with permission to use from,

    Aloha International A WAENA (Serge King)

    An Extended Huna Meditation
    1. IKE

    A. Ike Papakahi – be aware of objects in the environment.
    B. Ike Papalua – speak to objects in the environment.
    C. Ike Papakolu – experience the environment as your dream.
    D. Ike Papaha – experience the environment as yourself.

    2. KALA

    A. Relax your body.
    B. Move your energy.
    C. Forgive.
    D. Connect with the world.

    3. MAKIA

    A. Set personal goals (body, skill, personality).
    B. Set social goals (relationships with people).
    C. Set vocational goals (money, career).
    D. Set spiritual goals (purpose in life).


    A. Be here with touch (shape, texture, temperature, weight, smell,
    B. Be here with sound (natural, man-made, music, inner).
    C. Be here with sight (shape, color,brightness, contrast, curvilinear)
    D. Be here with spirit (awareness of energy, presence).

    5. ALOHA

    A. Experience pleasure.
    B. Experience happiness (passion, excitement, enthusuasm,
    contentment, etc.)
    C. Experience blessing (compliments, praise, gratitutde, appreciation).
    D. Experience beauty.

    6. MANA

    A. Increase physical strength, flexibility.
    B. Evoke confident feelings.
    C. Make confident affirmations.
    D. Trust the power within.

    7. PONO

    A. Practice positive posture.
    B. Practice positive feelings.
    C. Practice positive directions.
    D. Practice positive expectation.

    For best results, do at least once a day until the attitudes and practices are habitual.
    by Serge King 1998

    Ike = Awareness, Kala = Freedom, Makia = Focus, Manawa = Persistance, Aloha = Love, Mana = Confidence,
    Pono = Flexibility

    by Serge Kahili King
    copyright by Serge King 1998
    Used with permission from Aloha international

    We call you to join OUR efforts to make life globally better, like a Golden age within this moments, HERE and NOW!
    The Hawaiian Aloha International Organization led by Huna Kahuna Master Kane Serge is performing, through prayers to the Universe / GOD our meditations (specially empowered on Wednesday’s -8 o’clock AM HI time, on the Kauai island-on the EOK platform), Hare Krishna devotees in their everyday temple prayers, Christians and other ”religions”->traditions and so on..If we are united in our prayers-our efforts will bring fruits sooner. Mahalo nui=Thank you very much.

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