The Ultimate Facebook Pages Guide

Attract 3,000 Fans In 30 Days, The Ultimate Facebook Pages Guide

When I published the article “How To Develop A Facebook Page That Attracts Millions of Fans” I had no idea how popular it would become. Thousands of people have now checked out the article and have downloaded the PDF version. After writing the article I realized that there was a lot of potential for a more thorough guide which is why I’ve spent the past few months developing the 3,000 Fans In 30 Days Guide.

If you are looking for ways to build out your company’s presence on Facebook then this guide is a must read. You will learn over 30 strategies to increasing your fan base and more effectively engage existing new fans.

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Our guide, “How To Attract 3,000 Fans In 30 Days”, is a simple guide to building your company’s presence on Facebook.

This 75-page Guide to Facebook Pages teaches you:

  1. What’s New? – Our guide will walk you through all of the new features in the Facebook Pages product and explain how to use them.
  2. How To Develop A Successful Brand – The course doesn’t just provide lessons on how to use Facebook Pages but also how to build a more powerful brand on the web.
  3. Mastering The Art Of Conversations – Social media is a two-way conversation and Facebook is no exception to the rule. We walk you through some of the best strategies for more effectively engaging your audience.
  4. Creating A Content Strategy That Sells – At the end of the day, building out your online brand presence is not just about attracting fans but making sales. We will discuss some of the best tactics to developing content that will help you sell more.
  5. Using Facebook Ads To Promote Your Page – Want to get more fans through Facebook’s advertising platform. I will walk you through the process of building out an advertisement and discuss some of the best strategies to improving your results.
  6. Turn New Visitors Into Fans – As I just mentioned, not all visitors to your Facebook Page are fans. In this guide I walk you through the best techniques to converting new visitors into fans.
  7. More – There are over 30 priceless techniques to attracting more fans and developing a magnetic presence on Facebook.

Whatever issues you may be facing with Facebook Pages, this guide has got you covered.  []

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