“Anything you offer me is just …”

Use this affirmation for taking control in your life!

Anchoring your self to Yourself and the Moment … you will find this affirmation to be very much supporting.

An affirmation is like a prayer. A message to Self for your subconscious to work on. In the line of “keys to mastery”, let this affirmation – prayer if you will –  support you. Let it guide you to make – at least for the next period – your subconscious aware of the possibilities that lay in store by taking Control of your Energy.

  1. I never take your first response as written in stone.
    It’s just a reflection of what you are thinking feeling or believing in THAT moment(or the part of your mind you is coming from) and it is always subject to change.

  2. Anything you offer me is just a toy for me to play with.
  3. Anything you offer me is just information I can use.
  4. Anything you offer me is just energy to be redirected.
  5. You can do whatever you wants: “I CONTROL WHERE MY ENERGY GOES.”

You’ve got Mail from Ross Jeffries!

I got mail and in that mail I felt there was this truth. This truth that applies to having Control of Energy in your life. And when you stop, giving away energy and live your life by this affirmation I am  p r e t t y   s u r e  you will find what you are working for in this life.

In short these lines advise you to “Take control of your life, Know the process you are going through, Observe! and be the Director of your Orchestra.”

These words are just as good as any mantra. Only this time the meaning of these words are like “food for your subconscious”. And you know what good food can do … it makes yo grow.

Truely, it is about how you set up your nervous system to act and react. The game is to “be master of the energy that runs through your nervous system” and play with it.

Keep your (re-)actions between the lines of  “Good for You, the Other and the whole universe” and you will be supported in everything you create or wish to create.

So be firm and practize this affirmation.

Huib Salomons [15 -06-2009]

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