Magical Mind Body Spirit Deepak Chopra

Master the mind/body connection

by Dr. Deepak Chopra, one of the most exciting leaders of the mind body movement.

The quantum mechanical body — Many great thinkers have realized that human thought has tremendous power, but their insights did not gain scientific validation until recently.

Now, in this audio program, Deepak Chopra, M.D.  tells you about your “quantum mechanical body”. The quantum mechanical body is defined by “the level where every thought is turned into a physical reality”.

He tells you how to harness these new insights as to make your cells think, and your thoughts move healing energy. Recognize you can create the kind of health and mental state that you desire.

Discover the Life-Giving Powers You Now Possess!
A Perfect Balance of Mind, Body, and Spirit Is Your Birthright.

CDs – 6 Compact Discs/ Study Guide

Ayurvedic healing traditions — In this revolutionary program, Dr. Deepak Chopra unites the healing insights of India’s Ayurvedic traditions with modern medical science and quantum physics to teach you how to create perfect health.

Dr. Chopra shares with listeners:

  • Three basic forces that control their lives and how they can control those forces
  • Seven secrets possessed by the most creative persons in all walks of life
  • Eleven factors that cause premature aging and why they are totally unnecessary
  • Invaluable techniques for assessing the body’s unlimited natural pharmacy, the key to perfect health and total well-being

Human mind literally infinite — “I want my listeners to realize that the human mind is literally infinite. We project our awareness into the universe like a lighthouse. Every thought you have is felt by everything in existence. Can we afford not to take full advantage of that fact? To think that you occupy just a few cubic feet of space is pure illusion. I try to get people to break this illusion.”

“Once you have the deepest insight – i.e. I am the Universe –, Nature can deny you nothing!”

In these cd-series (6) “Magical Mind, Magical Body”, Dr. Deepak Chopra explains you how to reconstruct the blueprint of your body. This revolutionary approach shows you you can achieve perfect health, higher levels of energy and vitality, and enhanced inner peace … through the power of your mind.
Magical Mind, Magical Body

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