The secret of Huna: be Mindful

The Secret of Huna: be Mindful

As you think about Huna the way I do, you have “Huna” in your mind like a Mantra. A word that is in your head all the time. Like a sticky notepad that you can not shake from your fingers no matter what you do. The answer to this problem is to live Mindful, be mindful.

Huna meaning Secret, is only as secret as secretive you are in your thinking-feeling. Your imagination can bring you very far, but just as far you can let go of your own limitations.

Huna is an honorable exploration of your imagination. Focused energy as you use when you focus your thoughts is the real Secret. The steps like in the …

Eight Principles of Huna

  1. IKE –The world is what you think it is
  2. KALA –There are no limits, everything is possible
  3. MAKIA –Energy flows where attention goes
  4. MANAWA –Now is the moment of power
  5. ALOHA –To love is to be happy with
  6. MANA –All power comes from within
  7. PONO –Effectiveness is the measure of truth
  8. MALUHIA – Mindfulness (peace) :: Wu wei

are there for you to magnify your actions and to bring into reality what you imagine to happen. To see it happen. Because you know! Energy flows, where your attention goes.

There are those who question. Those who question the effectivity of the Secret are those who are not capable of being mindful. Mindfulness is to observe and to learn. Those who can not manage to do either, are the ones who question. But do they question the effectivity or …  do they question their own capacity to make things happen. To observe and to learn.

Really mindfulness is really only observing. Now to act is something different then Wu Wei. The Chinese equivalent of dolce far niente, where you accept the things how they are. No interference. Really mindfulness is really only observing. Observing and learning how things evolve. How emotions, pains constrain us in our being in the now. The pure act of only observing has so much power you can not believe. It is life changing. It is that we are used to act, to make things different. To take steps mentioned. Taking the steps so we have the thinking-feeling notion of being able to make things change. Because we do that out of habit we forget to stay at the source of our being. To stay mindful. To be mindful.

To be mindful is the real secret of Huna. It is the alpha and the omega. It is the first and last step for human kind. For the next stage is within humans grasp. It is going High in Now. To finally really, really realize there is only now and the world of the unimaginable is opening before your mind’s eye. You can make in happen, be Mindful.

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