Eight stages of Degenerative disease

Modeled after “The Seven Stages of Declining Health” by DicQie Fuller-Looney. There is a light however, if sufficient life energy remains, the chance for rejuvenation is great enough to warrant a change.
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The Eight Stages of Degenerative Disease

1. Digestive stress
2. Intestinal stress
3. Liver stress
4. Secondary filtration (kidney) system stress
5. Terrain/Tissue Imbalance (poor drainage)
6. Microbial proliferation
7. Inflammation/chronic degeneration
8. Advanced Chronic Degenerative Disease
Disease is not “bound to happen.” It can be overcome if there is a willingness to eliminate all of the aforementioned abuses and maintain a disciplined adherence to a diet of life-giving foods; supplements and permanent life changing habits will bring a variety of positive effects. Granted, the effect on your particular conditions largely depends upon the current extent of degeneration of affected vital organs

Modeled after The Seven Stages of Declining Health” by DicQie Fuller-Looney, Ph.D., D.Sc., N.D.

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Start eating healthy and conscious – Many physical ailments can be relieved by changing diet and lifestyle. You can start including more whole, raw foods and eliminate processed foods that are high in calories and low in nutrients from your diet.

Think emotionally healthy thoughts – Start using stress management techniques like observing / noticing your daily routines (eating, sleeping, thinking, feeling …)

Foodwise, get rid of sugar and bad fats. Begin adding probiotics and good fiber into your daily routine.

Do anything you can to prevent the first and second stages of degenerative disease. If you need assistance or more information please contact us at: info@MBSpirit.net.

Suggestion – A very simple solution to assist in digestion: take 1 teaspoon raw organic apple cider vinegar, add to 3-4oz. water and drink just before eating a meal. Let go of these thoughts that hold you back. It is easier said then done .. become mindful. Thought is “”mental” food. Training of Let Go is of great importance.

There is a light –  If sufficient life energy remains, the chance for rejuvenation is great enough to warrant a change for the better.

Salut, to future times when your digestive stress will be of the past. Feeling healthy again. Stay that way!

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