Hypnosis | Re-design Inner Blueprint

Clipped from Clifford Mee –– If you’ve never met Igor Ledochowski .. here is your chance and as you meet him … endulge your self and embark on these 3 days for Re-Desiging your inner Blueprint journey. Change the blueprint of your personality. Be ready for a drastic change in your values, believes and capabilities. You can do it …
clipped from www.powerselfhypnosis.com

Re-Design Your Inner Blueprint

Self Hypnosis Seminar In Sunny Florida

Join Master Hypnotist, Igor Ledochowski
This amazing seminar will be held in a major city in Florida
(probably Tampa, Miami or Fort Lauderdale).
Friday 3rd April – Sunday 5th April 2009
Seating is limited and is available on a strictly first come, first served basis
These 3 days will rock your inner world. At the end of this seminar you will walk away an extremely empowered person.
Only $197? For a 3 day seminar? Are we nuts?

100% “Pumped & Excited” Satisfaction Guarantee

Clifford Mee – Editor & Publisher
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Everyone — in the right state of mind — is looking for improvement of Self. Some go extremely far, some take it by the day. Here are three days to look for since you are going to meet — by far not the least — Igor Ledochowski. And while you are at it,  you actually may anticipate to learn beautiful things – subconsciously – that you can corporate in your daily quest for Self improvement. This goes deep, very deep.

You will be stuned, you will be surprised join and see >> Re-design your Blueprint. <See above!

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