WOW principles to live by

Whirlwind of Wealth (WOW) principles

Clipped from Jeff Forte — Whirlwind of Wealth (WOW) principles are about trueisms that lead for success and prosperity. Success and Prosperity are feelings.
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Prosperity comes through communication.
Start appreciating everything you have in your experience.
Learn how to consciously command what you want from the Universe (as creator).
Only energize the elements of the past that serve your expansion into the prosperous reality you are now allowing and hence creating to be there.
The goal is the joy of the journey, not the result.
Prosperity is a “feeling place.”
The importance here is HOW you give, not what you give.
Know you are worthy just because of who you are …
“Success And Prosperity are created from within.”

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Jeff Forte and WOW principles ( — This week’s attention goes to Quality of life and how it is enhanced. The other day I wrote about it in >> Apeldoorn, be it in other words. This was a reflection of my behaviour I purposely changed.

You see I went to this dance. Normally I go because of I  have to be there. This time I changed my attention to that of Being (t)here. It was such a revelation. This experience of change in attitude is explained in short in the above clippings and the words I wrote in the link above.

  • I can only encourage you to change your attention as I did.
  • I can garanty you will find depth in your life, as I did then and will in the future.

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