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Clipped from Steve — When you start all over again, do it right for once! In a state of experiencing do it totally NOW. “Totally” meaning with all your senses. And stop using Words for they prevent you from using ur senses.
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Master NLP: How To Enter A Know-Nothing, Flow State

You will have to express your feelings, your desires and other communications using analog channels: making sounds, using gestures, facial expressions and so on.
The key here is to knock you out of the constant use of digital words, which usually tend to shut down our senses and prevent us from really taking in the rich contextual clues present in every communication.
If you’re pissed, make a lot of growling noises. Express your rage in that way. Only one rule: no words.
How can you express your caring to your kids without words?
What sounds would you make?
How will you tell your spouse or significant other that they are the most important part of your life?
Hint: Welcome to the world of pattern interrupts! If you think that weird questions do a great job for interrupting patterns, wait until you experience this.
Yeah, you heard me right.
It’s usually great fun for everyone. Do it too.

Written by Steve

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I clipped this because Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) has some real good stuff [read: knowledge, thoughts, practice] for you to help you grow the person you want to be-feel-act. It is about the way you communicate with your self and with others, all about what you make of it and are willing to invest. And don’t be surprised you get more then you can chew.

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