Possible BlogTypes you want to consider

From BlogBluePrint by Yaro Starak:

All BlogNetworks are not the same

  1. 9rules.com – no profit sharing and a loose affiliation under a banner and a “network ethos” that all member blogs must adhere to.
  2. B5media.com – A revenue sharing blog network.
  3. WeblogsInc.com – Bloggers are paid to write.

There are many more blog networks out there and if you can’t find one suitable for you then starting your own network is a possibility as well.

The main idea is to

  • ¬†increase your exposure,
  • expand your audience and
  • help your blog(s) improve search engine rankings.

It is time to remember to¬†contribute something valuable to the “community” within the blog network so you are giving something back and not just leeching traffic.”

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