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Clipped from Shinzen Young — Mindfulness may help you release the pain and give you peace of mind. Read more and enjoy life in its fullest. You are not alone, you know!
clipped from www.shinzen.org

Basic Mindfulness

Home Practice Program

clipped from www.shinzen.org

Shinzen talks about the 5 Ways

Interview with Stephanie Nash – November 9, 2007
In this interview I describe the 5 Ways system to Stephanie Nash. Stephanie is a great interviewer and managed to draw a lot out by asking pointed questions, making sure I “connect all the dots” so people with little or no background can get a sense of how the system works and why it’s so effective. For more about Stephanie, please visit her website http://www.nasharts.com/
Interview with Stephanie Nash – November 9, 2007

About the 5 Ways

5 Ways to Know Yourself as a Spiritual Being
Introduction to the Summaries
Focus In Summary
Focus Out Summary
Focus on Rest

Focus on Change Summary
Focus on Positive Summary
Easy Rest: Reference Manual

Further Reference

These articles provide conceptual and practical material to help prepare for Home and Onsite Retreats and support ongoing meditation practice.



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It was this year when I stumble over this information Shinzen Young has to bring to you. Well, it makes sense to me and I want to make you part of it. That is why you are reading this now.

I listen – with great enthousiasm – to his soundtracks on “Science of Enlightenment” and hope you will be doing so, soon. Because I can see great things happening to me and then also to you.

I wish everyone a happy life that is pain free, and when you are in a situation where you feel pain … let his techniques help you understand and ease the pain. If not for 100% then at least the best you can achieve. This form of emotional stress release is – in my view – much in line with ho onopono.

Yes you can live a painfree life.


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