Amazing self hypnosis seven day course

By Igor ledochowski — in seven days you get a thorough instruction how to change your life and bring into reality that what you want to happen
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A self-hypnosis method that really works

By World Famous Master Hypnotist, Igor ledochowski
Discover the secret of creating the perfect life for yourself
Finally revealed! How to go into a guaranteed self hypnotic trance everytime
The master key no other self hypnosis course will teach you:
How to shut off the mind’s interference patterns
How to get the unconscious mind on board with your plans

“Utterly Inspiring…”

I think the set of tools is fantastic.

And it tends to worsen with age [it stays with your for the rest of your life garanteed]

I’m looking forward to hearing
about your success,


cliff mee

Clifford Mee – Information Publisher

Certified Master Ericksonian Hypnotist
Certified Hypnotherapist (American Board Of Hypnotherapy)
Accredited & Certified NLP Master Practitioner
Certified Success Life Coach

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Hi, I had a prejudice against self hypnosis soundtracks. Listening  to these soundtracks I found them really appealing to my fiction. Yes, they DO. I really got the whole lot for my money: Inspiring talks about how and what, minutes of hypnosis, and a promise for a life changing experience.

I don’t  know how long this site will be in the “air”.
So take your advantage for as long as it lasts.

And while I am writing this text I am listening to Igor, where he trances me  to go on with this system: seven days, 21 days. Now and then I stop typing, because he talks about something very important for me. And when I am guided into a trance state I stop so .. here I go …

[I just went and in and out of trance easy and gently]

Really what I want YOU to learn from this is … there are self-hypnosis soundtracks and there are Self Hypnosis Soundtracks  … and you should really give this a try when you are ready for it.  Interested? Go to

Here is a nice thought that just came to me …
if you want to give your New Year resolutions a really new spin,
making them happen for a change.
Let this course give you a good start ahead.

Enjoy your – newly created – life.

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One Response to Amazing self hypnosis seven day course

  1. Wow! Self-hypnosis is a great tool and if these downloads help people in a posistive way, that can only be a good thing!

    Dave Sabat DCH DHP


    Clinical Hypnosis Blog

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