FREE mini course: Project Management

Roel Grit wrote a number of books of which two have been translated into English: “Project Management” and “Manage your competencies”. — As student you want the best of learnings. Here is where you may start.
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Welcome on the website of Project Management by Roel Grit.
The second English (2008) edition of Project Management is a direct translation of the 5th edition (2008) of the popular Dutch bestseller: over 200.000 copies sold! Teachers, students and other users of Project Management can find additional information on this website.
Several downloads are available, like a free mini course on MS Project, MS Word models, MS Excel models, checklists, a PowerPoint presentation on planning and several links.

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As I coach someone for learning Project Management I was directed to this site. I really think you should check it out. And while you do that, go to DOWNLOAD and start your FREE MINI COURSE in a jiffy.

Here is a Really SHORT MINI COURSE:

Make sure you have the right start.

1. Learn to become aware of the STRUCTURE and FUNCTION
2. Learn to see the CONTEXT.
3. Learn to write the CONTENT of the Project Plan

And become aware of the essence of Project Management: Plan and Manage ACTIVITIES and keep BUDGET within its boundaries.

Writing the Project plan:
1. Have the structure of the writing clear to you.
2. Have a true understanding of the issues: Planning, Phase, GOTIK.
3. Cut and paste your knowledge into the structure
4. Write the chapters/paragraphs around the pasted texts.

When you do that you are likely to be a successful Project Manager.

Are you getting excited already. Well, I am.

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2 Responses to FREE mini course: Project Management

  1. Junaid says:

    You said

    “And while you do that, go to DOWNLOAD and start your FREE MINI COURSE in a jiffy.”

    where is the download section on this website? I couldnt find it.

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