599cd sends training courses for free

Get 6 hours of training courses for _FREE_: Windows Vista, Windows XP, Microsoft Word and Using the internet.You only are charged for shipment. Can you see yourself watching these training videos already.
clipped from www.599cd.com
OK… What’s the Catch?
There’s no catch. Just select your favorite friends and family members, and I’ll mail them a Gift CD

The CD is completely free. I just ask that you pay the shipping & handling (only $1.92 for US customers, $1 more for foreign orders). Send as many gift CDs out as you want. No further cost to them or you.
This CD will include over six hours of training courses, including:

  • Windows Vista 101
  • Windows XP 101, 102, and 110
  • Microsoft Word 101
  • Using the Internet 101

It’s a good, well-rounded package of courses… over six hours of lessons right there. These are the the full courses, not just demo lessons.

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Richard Rost further writes, “In fact, this is the PERFECT gift for that special someone in the office who keeps coming to you as the “goto computer guy/gal” with all of their problems. Hand them a Gift CD and say, “have fun!”

If you know someone who is getting a new computer for Christmas, again, this is the perfect gift. I’m including my course on Windows Vista basics for the novices out there.”

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