Divine Breath: prepare for healing

As clipped from Morrnah Namalaku Simeona:

  1. Mana is sent to the Unihipili, where it is either stored or utilized, depending upon the need at the moment. Or when healing is needed, Uhane sends the request to the Unihipili, who in turn creates the energy or mana and all the needed ingredients or colors, feelings, etc.
  2. Unihipili joins forces with Uhane and Aumakua (who has access to all forces of the cosmos).

>> The return flow of Energy or Mana ushers in the answer or result to the prayer or request.

G e t  y o u r  F R E E  hooponono-manual-by-morrnah H E R E

clipped from hoopono.blogspot.com

Ho’oponopono: Ha Breathing for Self I-Dentity

Breathing (Ha)

Through a process of “Ha” or Divine Breath, one is prepared to do mediation, problem solving, counselling, healing, and self-introspection

  1. INHALE:With the tongue to the roof of the mouth, inhale cosmic energy, mand, divine energy for seven counts to energize every cell, tissue, blood vessel, muscle, bone, and atom of the whole body.
  2. HOLD the breath for seven counts to allow the body to rest momentarily, thereby slowing down the metabolism and body chemistry to regenerate the cells, etc. and above all to prevent “shock” to the system while making the exchange with two powerful forces (inhalation and exhalation.)
  3. EXHALE: Let out the breath, saying “Ha” as it leaves the body. Release of impurities, poisons, and blocks from the system for seven counts.

This is considered ONE ROUND, mind you the process takes seven rounds.
The process of Ha is a method of accumulating mana or Vital Energy.
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