Yet another Huna Prayer

clipped from
Max Freedom Long, is: “There is always something you can do.”

  • Mente, your thinking self
  • Basa, or emotional mind
  • Corona, your High Self
To stay balanced, simplify your response to a problem. DO ONE THING.
Thoughts are things and words have consequences.
Make your Huna Prayer
  1. State what you want, clearly. Write it down in one short sentence.
  2. Take your mana breaths and energize your prayer with your breath.
  3. Involve Mente, Basa and Corona in the prayer action.
  4. Visualize the end result as though it has already happened.
  5. Then, take an action on the earth plane toward that result.

  • Go into a meditative state and sit quietly, breathing slowly and evenly.

  • Ask Basa and Corona to participate with you.
  • Visualize your High Self (or feel the presence of the High Self) and the Great Company of High Selves.
  • Ask them, along with your guides guardians and angels, to be with you. Hold your palms open on your lap.
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