SEO Samba

SEO Samba tells you to narrow down your focus, countrylike, statelike, citylike, so to rank up your site..To enable you to target your local business systematically >> read more and learn on SEO Samba
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Narrow your focus down and rank´┐Żyour site up
There are as many regionalized keywords as places on Earth. We can break them down using various scales: city, county, general area, part of state, state, country.
Examples: san mateo, san mateo county, south bay, northern california, california, USA.
A simple combination on the City/State model (mentioning your main state and city of operations repeatedly across pages) will accomplish the following:

  • Increase overall visibility and number of top listings
  • Justify your presence in regional/local resources
  • Bring geographically relevant business queries
  • Avoid geographically irrelevant visitors (might bury your sales staff under irrelevant requests)
  • SEO Samba enables local businesses to target systematically, reliably local. keywords and associated markets by building geo-specific rules for websites sections and whole websites.
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