Mindfulness Sati Vipassana Hakalau Uptime

The goal of Enlightenment is to learn yourself the experience of that what is nearest to you. Your feeling body and your thinking body. Name, observe and let it be what it wants to express. As its opponent == Fighting will give you multiple felt pain, this way you will find added pain. What is your chioce! The science of Enlightenment by Shinzen Young
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Mindfulness (Sati, Vipassana, Hakalau, Uptime)
The observing of the qualities that show up in your thinking (body) and/or feeling (body).

  • Name the quality as it shows up by its character/classification.
  • Locate them in the “body” and notice what influence it has in the “body”.
  • Just be the observant, let happen what happens.
  • Allow the quality to grow, shift.
  • To experience objective is being mindful.
  • You will find purification
    Being able to discern
    Reduce suffering with Mindfulness
    Learn yourself the experience
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