Know the Three Selves: Know them and make miracles happen

Miracles happen because of The Three Selves

The Huna teachings are an ancient secret science that has come to the West through the work of Max Freedom Long [also see:]. Along these secret understandings is the notion of The Three Selves: Uhane, Unihipili, Aumakua
clipped from
Hidden Mysteries By Joshua David Stone

The essence of Huna teachings is that the human being is made up of three selves, or minds.
The conscious mind the “uhane”, or middle self.
The subconscious mind is called the “Unihipili” or low self.
The high self, called the “aumakua” by the kahuna.
The high self is the “older utterly trustworthy parental sel of spirit.”

The high self is supposed to be able to see into the future as far as your thoughts have been crystallized. As thoughts change daily in the lives of the middle and low selves, so does the future change, according to Huna
teachings.Huna also teaches that communication with the high self occurs quite naturally during sleep. It is in that contact that most of the thoughts of the day are supposedly averaged by the high self and used, by some
mysterious mechanism, to materialize conditions in your future.
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