Using magnets bio magnetically

Magnets of greater attraction/repulsion are used to get bioenergetic changes in the body. By that, I mean magnets with a greater gauss value than 1000 gauss.

The goal of Biomegatic Therapy’ is to .. rebalance the body by neutralizing the polarities using magnets with BioMagnetic Pairs (BMPs), thus establishing the body’s natural homeostasis.

Where it began …

It all began with the discovery made by Dr. Richard Broeringmeyer, a doctor at NASA:

[BMT] … He determined a tie between the pH states of certain body parts and their functions as related to health, thus arriving at the conclusion that magnetic polarization leads to pathological states – disease.

It is well known that …

increased acidity creates a concentration of hydrogen ions, H+, 
while increased alkalinity is caused by a concentration of pH- ions.

Since magnets can alter the electric potential within biological tissue, the conclusion presented itself that magnets can re-implement a disrupted balance of bio-electric potential, one which creates a foundation for the development of pathological states. Because a magnet’s north pole will attract H-positive ions – this pole is called negative –, while the magnet’s south pole attracts OH-negative ions – is referred to as the positive magnetic pole.

It is customary for the north magnetic pole – the negative – to be marked with BLACK, while the south – the positive pole – be marked with RED.

BioMagnetic Therapy’ produces a “Balanced” pH in your body so that the naturally healthy physiological processes can be re-established and maintained.  With Biomagnetic Therapy’ this is accomplished by putting magnets of opposing polarities to work in strategic placements called BioMagnetic Pairs (BMP).

Bacteria and parasites are only found where body tissue is alkaline. (Negative/Black)
Viruses and fungi are only found in acidic tissue. (Positive/Red)

  • When the pH of all your glands and organs become neutral not only will they function properly, you will also be free of the pathogens that play a big role in the progression of dis-ease stages. 
  • The process of neutralizing your body’s pH only takes 30 minutes. When this is accomplished pathogens are forced to vacate your body through the natural elimination channels such as urination, defecation, sweat, exhaling, and even crying.

Working with magnets

So how is the body’s pH balance achieved using a pair of magnets (BMP)? 
The process is accomplished by simple magnet physics. 

An Alkaline environment occurs when an excess of negative ions accumulate in the atomic structure of the cells. Conversely, the excess of positive ions accumulates into an Acidic environment

Both scenarios represent a body’s pH imbalance which creates
the perfect bio-terrain for pathogens to seize the opportunity to colonize: to thrive and reproduce.

A biomagnetic pair (BMP) is created when you apply …
a magnet with a negative magnet side (black) on an alkaline point 

on your body and then placing a positive magnet side (red) on
its corresponding acidic point. 

  • BioMagnetic Therapy’ utilizes these polarized magnetic fields to displace the build-up of excessive ions in the areas being treated causing the extra ions to mutually cancel themselves out. 
  • Biomagnetic Self-Care therapy forces pathogens out of your body as they literally run for their lives in an effort to survive. Get your BioMagnetic Self-Care Kit’ now and begin getting your immune system up and your health back. … [/BMT]

Axioms in working with Biomagnetic Therapy’

  • In health, our bioenergy is balanced and Neutral. The result is the entire tissue structure goes into a perfectly balanced pH. 
  • Balancing of an access with Biomanetic Therapy’ is done by finding the opposite neutralizing point(s) and then apply the magnet’s respective poles on both points.
  • Doing so we enable and accelerate the body’s natural healing process. It literally takes less than half an hour to accomplish this simple but powerful feat.
  • With BioMagnatic Pairs (BMP) we recognize the necessity of treating the actual disease at the energy level location rather than treating the area of a symptom or several symptoms.

Physiognomy of polarities

++ / RED– Acid
– Tension / concentrated energy / inhibited blood circulation.
– Shrinkage or hardness.
– Susceptible to Viruses / Fungi
— / BLACK– Alkaline
– Relaxation / dispersed, broader energy
– Swelling in our body, distention, and pain of inflammation.
– Susceptible to Bacteria / Parasites
Comparison Positive / Negative effects
  • As the ovum (female egg) is much greater in size than the male sperm, the negative pole of the BMP is larger than the positive one. Because the negative pole is larger, it is easier to locate within the body. For that reason, the use of the negative magnet in scanning is the easier way.
  • When in pain, there is usually alkalinity. Alkalinity is one reason why organs get bigger in some disease states. The presence of many OH-ions give a high pH or alkalinity with a negative charge, causing the organs to enlarge, as in the case of dysplasia.
  • The charges in these areas give us great clues about what is happening in our body and Goiz Durán’s work seems to show that the charged areas can also indicate the presence of such entities as viruses and bacteria.

Biomagnetic Therapy’ in my kinesiology practize

Rather than working with the two polarities, I experience four modalities:

  • Positive
  • Negative
  • Neutral (Positive And Negative)
  • Monopole (Only Positive or Negative or Neutral)
Present Look for and treat points that are
Positive’ Negative’ AND Monopole’ 
Negative’ Positive’ AND Monopole’
Neutral’ (Positive’ AND Negative’) AND/OR Monopole’
Monopole’ (Positive’ AND Negative’ (2-point) OR Neutral’ (1-point)
  1. Establish the entry for BioMagnetic Therapy’.
  2. Find the area of impact.
  3. Find the kind of Present problem (++ / –– / +– / 1).
  4. Locate the point where the problem presents itself. Put in retaining mode.
  5. Look for the points to treat magnetically and their respective polarity.
  6. Hold the magnets with the required polarity in its place(s) for as long it needs.

Note: Since an electric current produces a magnetic impulse, you can find a magnetic unbalance along the path of the electric current.

Remember: The goal of Biomegatic Therapy’ is to rebalance the body by neutralizing the polarities using magnets with BioMagnetic Pairs (BMPs), thus establishing the body’s natural homeostasis.

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The secret of Huna: be Mindful

The Secret of Huna: be Mindful

As you think about Huna the way I do, you have “Huna” in your mind like a Mantra. A word that is in your head all the time. Like a sticky notepad that you can not shake from your fingers no matter what you do. The answer to this problem is to live Mindful, be mindful.

Huna meaning Secret, is only as secret as secretive you are in your thinking-feeling. Your imagination can bring you very far, but just as far you can let go of your own limitations.

Huna is an honorable exploration of your imagination. Focused energy as you use when you focus your thoughts is the real Secret. The steps like in the …

Eight Principles of Huna

  1. IKE –The world is what you think it is
  2. KALA –There are no limits, everything is possible
  3. MAKIA –Energy flows where attention goes
  4. MANAWA –Now is the moment of power
  5. ALOHA –To love is to be happy with
  6. MANA –All power comes from within
  7. PONO –Effectiveness is the measure of truth
  8. MALUHIA – Mindfulness (peace) :: Wu wei

are there for you to magnify your actions and to bring into reality what you imagine to happen. To see it happen. Because you know! Energy flows, where your attention goes.

There are those who question. Those who question the effectivity of the Secret are those who are not capable of being mindful. Mindfulness is to observe and to learn. Those who can not manage to do either, are the ones who question. But do they question the effectivity or …  do they question their own capacity to make things happen. To observe and to learn.

Really mindfulness is really only observing. Now to act is something different then Wu Wei. The Chinese equivalent of dolce far niente, where you accept the things how they are. No interference. Really mindfulness is really only observing. Observing and learning how things evolve. How emotions, pains constrain us in our being in the now. The pure act of only observing has so much power you can not believe. It is life changing. It is that we are used to act, to make things different. To take steps mentioned. Taking the steps so we have the thinking-feeling notion of being able to make things change. Because we do that out of habit we forget to stay at the source of our being. To stay mindful. To be mindful.

To be mindful is the real secret of Huna. It is the alpha and the omega. It is the first and last step for human kind. For the next stage is within humans grasp. It is going High in Now. To finally really, really realize there is only now and the world of the unimaginable is opening before your mind’s eye. You can make in happen, be Mindful.

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Note to Self – 27-02-2023

Clients come to you for you to work on yourself

Clients come to you for you to work on yourself“, because you and your client resonate in a certain way. When someone has a problem, that person is resonating with something. To get rid of the problem, you work on taking away the reason for resonating. Another way of saying it, you bring the client in another frequency.

When I was just starting my practice, I noticed the clients who came to my practice were there so I could work on myself. Now years later, I want to offer you a chance of a lifetime to get better in job efficacy when it concerns the quality of your life.

Whenever you make a correction as a Practitioner of Specialized Kinesiology, take a moment to make a correction for yourself on yourself. In other words: Take time to balance yourself. I guarantee you will find the outcome of the session will be better than when you do not make that correction for yourself on yourself.

The reason for this success is this: People come to you because you vibrate at a specific frequency that makes them come to you as a practitioner. So, when you work on yourself, you take away the vibration that brought them to you. So it looks like you’ve eliminated the problem, but you’ve actually eliminated the reason they came to your office. That’s part of the equation. The other part is where you solve your client’s problem and work to fix that problem.

Working with IR and UV light

Today I received my flashlight with IR and UV light. Here is how I intend to work with this item.

This video explains that red (IR) light behaves like a wave and blue (UV) light more like a particle, is more dense. The functionality of a wave is that it can penetrate obstacles easily. It is everywhere at the same time, and a particle can show the real place of the problem.

For me it contains clues that
– Using IR light I will find the global place of the problem,
– Using UV light I will find the exact spot of the problem.

So when I have found the problem I can offer the solutions, of which there a many. I can
– use the warmth of IR light,
– use the cold of UV light,
– use my magnets: plus, minus, neutral, OR
anything else that will take away the problem.

As you can read I am ready for a total new way of working.

All I have to do is bring myself in a vibration my client responds to.
That should not be too hard as vibration change is the name of the game.

Huib Salomons
Practitioner Specialize Kinesiology
Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

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Uitzichttoren Julianatoren Apeldoorn

Uitzichttoren circa 1Amersfoortseweg 35
7313AC Apeldoorn

Gelderland (gemeente Apeldoorn)
Tuin, park en plantsoen

Andries van Driesum Szn

52°13’39″NB, 5°54’60″OL RM op kaart.
ca. 62 m +NAP.
Google maps: 52.227593, 5.916320

Rijksmonument nummer: 514477

De uitzichttoren genaamd ‘Julianatoren’ uit 1910 staat aan de zuidzijde van de Amersfoortseweg (Amersfoortseweg 35) en vormt het hart van het gelijknamige familie-pretpark. [1, foto’s]

1. ‘Bergen en Dal’, Amersfoortseweg 35 te Apeldoorn – In 1910 liet Gerrit Middelink – uitbater van de oorspronkelijke uitspanning “Berg en Dal” – als attractie een 24 meter hoge uitzichttoren [1] met 121 treden [2] bouwen. Deze vormt de basis van het pretpark “Prinses Juliana Toren”.


De uitzichttoren, waarvan de eerste steen werd gelegd door Jansje Middelink op 15 april 1910, is ontworpen door de Apeldoornse architect Andries van Driesum. Opdrachtgever was Gerrit Middelink. Men heeft prachtig uitzicht, want je kunt bij gunstige weersomstandigheden met een kijker op de Lebuïnus-kerk in Deventer de tijd aflezen. [2] Toen was het nog mogelijk te genieten van een weids vergezicht, want de voor dit gebied kenmerkende bosrijke begroeiing was nog niet zo ver gevorderd [4].  Als tweede attractie kwamen er lachspiegels. [1] .

In 1940 moest de naam ‘Prinses Juliana Toren’, veranderd worden in ‘Juliana Toren’. Na de oorlog werd de naamswijziging weer teruggedraaid. Na de jaren ’50 kwamen er door het toenemende publiek meerdere attracties bij, o.a: autootjes, motorbootjes, een spookhuis en Old Timers.

In 1963 moest het naast gelegen ‘Prins Bernhard Dal’, een klein toeristisch pretpark op nog geen kilometer afstand (Amersfoortseweg 33), plaats maken voor het waterwingebied van Apeldoorn. Dit park werd verplaatst en bij de ‘Koningin Juliana Toren’ gevoegd. Ook in de jaren ’70 en ’80 kwamen er attracties bij, waaronder een achtbaan, en groeide het park uit tot wat het nu is: een klein familiepretpark met meer dan 60 attracties. [5]

2. ‘Prins Bernharddal’, Amersfoortseweg 33 te Apeldoorn – In 1936 kocht E. Kreekel het Paviljoen Hotel en opende er na een flinke verbouwing een Hotel-restaurant met speeltuin. Het jaar daarop kocht hij botsauto’s en begon de eerste botsautobaan in Nederland. (zie foto)


Al in 1938 was het het grootste pretpark in Nederland. De zaken liepen zo goed dat dhr Kreekel er er nog drie pretparken bij kocht (Tivoli in Berg en Dal, St. Anna’s Hoeve in Hilversum, Platvoet in Deventer).


In 1964 werd het park Prins Bernhard Dal echter gesloten, omdat het naast gelegen Pompstation het waterwingebied moest uitbreiden. Apeldoorn bood aan dat vader Kreekel voor een symbolisch bedrag kon verhuizen naar ‘Prinses Juliana Toren’, dat toen in bezit van de gemeente was.

Het pretparkimperium werd verdeeld over de kinderen en de vader van Dik Kreekel werd eigenaar van het Apeldoornse park. De rest is geschiedenis: het park werd omgedoopt in ‘Koningin Juliana Toren’, breidde steeds uit, naar momenteel ruim zestig attracties.


Tegenwoordig trekt het elk jaar het respectabele aantal van bijna een half miljoen bezoekers. [6] [7]

Beschrijving Uitzichtstoren, Koningin Julianatoren

1. Inleiding UITZICHTTOREN genaamd ‘Koningin Julianatoren’ uit 1910 – De toren is gelegen aan de zuidzijde van de Amersfoortseweg en vormt het hart van het gelijknamige familie-pretpark. Tijdens de oorlog is de toren door de Duitsers verhoogd met een uitkijkplatform.


De uitzichttoren, waarvan de eerste steen werd gelegd door Jansje Middelink op 15 april 1910, is ontworpen door de Apeldoornse architect Andries van Driesum Szn (1868-1925). Opdrachtgever was Gerrit Middelink, uitbater van de oorspronkelijke uitspanning.

De toren is ontworpen in een bouwstijl, waarvan het decoratieve metselwerk typerend is voor het werk van Van Driesum, die vaak in de voor die tijd typerende Overgangsarchitectuur ontwierp. Ook het materiaalgebruik, kalkzandsteen, is typerend voor deze tijd.


Foto Sjoerd Zijlstra, 29 okt 2016

2. Omschrijving UITZICHTTOREN – De in staand verband gemetselde toren is opgetrokken op vierkante grondslag en telt zes bouwlagen. De hoeken hebben naar boven verjongende, overhoeks geplaatste steunberen. De verjongingen worden geaccentueerd door afzaten van kunststeen. De zesde bouwlaag dateert uit WOII en is gemetseld in kruisverband. De overgang tussen oorspronkelijk en later metselwerk wordt gevormd door een bakstenen waterlijst. De zinken afdekking van de balustrade van het uitkijkplatform bevat geschilderde getallen die er in de Tweede Wereldoorlog op zijn aangebracht.

De toren is opgetrokken op een bakstenen basement en daarboven in witte kalkzandsteen met versieringen in roze kalkzandsteen. Deze kalkzandsteen moest volgens het bestek worden betrokken van de fabriek ‘Alba’ te Beekbergen. Onder de waterlijst bevatten de gevels elk twee sleutelvormige figuren in roze kalkzandsteen.

De 9-ruits gietijzeren vensters zijn allen aan de bovenzijde getoogd en worden, tenzij anders vermeld, ontlast door kunststenen lateien die aan de onderzijde zijn getoogd. Boven de lateien een steens rollaag van roze kalkzandsteen. De deuren worden op dezelfde wijze ontlast. De vensters hebben, tenzij anders vermeld, een lekdorpel van baksteen.

De derde en vijfde bouwlaag hebben een houten omgang met balustrade. Het uitkijkplaform een gemetselde balustrade. De begane grond van de toren is aan drie zijden ingeklemd door recente bebouwing. Het basement heeft een uitgemetselde plint met kunststeen hoekblokken. Het basement wordt afgesloten met een halfsteens rollaag.

De gevels hebben een cordonlijst en een waterlijst van roze kalkzandsteen ter hoogte van de tweede en de vierde verdieping. Het metselwerk tussen de cordonlijst en de waterlijst van de vierde verdieping bevat ruitvormen van roze kalkzandsteen. Onder de cordonlijst bevatten de gevels.

  • De VOORGEVEL heeft op de begane grond in het midden een toegang met houten deur, geflankeerd door twee vensters bezet met helder glas-in-lood. Boven de entree over de gehele breedte van de gevel een door baksteen omlijst veld met daarin de naam van de toren. De eerste verdieping heeft drie gekoppelde vensters met een doorgaande lekdorpel en gekoppelde lateien, de tweede verdieping heeft twee vensters, de derde verdieping een houten deur met daarboven één venster, de vierde verdieping heeft weer twee vensters en de vijfde verdieping een houten deur.
  • De LINKER ZIJGEVEL heeft op de vierde verdieping een asymmetrisch geplaatst venster.
  • De ACHTERGEVEL bevat op de tweede verdieping twee en op de derde verdieping één venster.
  • De RECHTER ZIJGEVEL heeft op de derde verdieping twee vensters boven elkaar, op de vierde verdieping een asymmetrisch geplaats venster en op de vijfde verdieping een venster.
  • Het INTERIEUR bevat nog de oorspronkelijke houten trap.

3. Waardering UITZICHTTOREN uit 1910 – Van architectuurhistorische waarde als functioneel en typologisch belangrijk voorbeeld van een uitzichttoren, onworpen in Overgangsarchitectuur. De toren vormt onderdeel van het oeuvre van architect Van Driesum, die in Apeldoorn veel gebouwen ontwierp. Dit is de enig bekende uitkijktoren van zijn hand. De toren heeft een zeldzaamheidswaarde als in kalkzandsteen ontworpen.

Bron: Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed



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Memorabele plekken in Apeldoorn

Wat was Waar

Introductie WatWasWaar – “Welkom op WatWasWaar!
Hier vind je historische informatie over elke plek in Nederland en krijg je direct toegang tot een groot aantal plaatsgebonden collecties van Nederlandse erfgoedinstellingen.”

Onderstaand enkele voorbeelden van informatie die je kunt krijgen in de vorm van beeld [kaart] materiaal: van ‘Minuut’ (eerste kadastrale optekening) tot topografische kaarten in diverse jaargangen

Schietbaan Schuttersweg Apeldoorn 1913

Ligging Schietbaan Schuttersweg te Apeldoorn –  “[Apeldoorn] kende al in het begin van de 19e eeuw, evenals veel ander gemeenten zijn schutterijen. Het doel van de schutterijen was het handhaven van de binnenlandse rust en orde; tevens dienden ze evenals de militie, als aanvulling van het staande leger. De schutterijen werden plaatselijk georganiseerd. Er bestonden dienstdoende en rustende schutterijen. Gemeenten met meer dan 2.500 inwoners moesten dienstdoende schutterijen oprichten, in kleinere steden en op het platteland werden rustende schutterijen opgericht. In tijden van oorlog vormden ze samen één landstorm. Een wet uit 1815 voorzag al in de oprichting van schutterijen. De wet van 1827, die vollediger was en zwaardere verplichtingen bevatte, stelde nadere regels voor de oprichting van schutterijen in het hele koninkrijk.” [ ]

Polhout Orden Apeldoorn anno 1907

Ligging Polhout Orden ongeveer Amsivarilaan / Kaninefatenlaan Apeldoorn – Tussen de bomen verscholen lag boerderij Polhout op een idyllische plek aan het Polhoutlaantje. Deze boerderij heeft moeten wijken voor de nieuwbouw van de wijk Orden op deze plek in de jaren zestig. De twee bomen hier op het grasveld zijn als enige herinnering van ‘t Polhout overgebleven. [ ]

Orderparkweg 34. (Werd later veranderd in nr. 62) [ ]

In 1952 aangekocht door de Gemeente waarna er een nieuwe woonwijk op is gebouwd. [ ]

Sanatorium Berg en Bos Apeldoorn anno 1933

Sanatorium Berg en Bosch in Apeldoorn (1920 – 1933) – Omstreeks 1915 stierven er in Nederland ongeveer 200 mensen per 100.000 inwoners aan de infectieziekte tuberculose, die sterk werd beïnvloed door economische en sociale
omstandigheden. Met name bij de arbeidende klasse waren deze zeer slecht, waardoor daar ook de meeste slachtoffers vielen. Dat was aanleiding voor het R.K. Werkliedenverbond om een vereniging ter bestrijding van de tuberculose in het leven te roepen: Herwonnen Levenskracht, waaraan vanaf 1920 de katholieke vakbondsleden een vaste bijdrage van 1 cent per lid per week betaalden. Met steun van het toenmalige Departement van Arbeid – in die jaren onder leiding van minister Aalberse – verrees in Apeldoorn een houten noodsanatorium met 225 bedden, dat op 28 juli 1920 officieel door hem werd geopend.

Het noodsanatorium was ondergebracht in oude Duitse militaire barakken, die waren neergezet op het landgoed Berg en Bosch, onderdeel van de Soerense bossen. Aan deze buitenplaats ontleende het sanatorium zijn naam. De behandeling van TBC-patiënten was in die tijd primair gebaseerd op een drietal uitgangspunten: rust, frisse lucht en krachtige voeding. De omstandigheden in deze omgeving waren dus ideaal. Verspreid over een oppervlakte van ca. 10 ha. stond een twintigtal gebouwen, het hoofdgebouw met het kantoor van de geneesheer-directeur Willem Bronkhorst, de administratiegebouwen en de geneeskundige paviljoens. De voor behandeling opgenomen kinderen kregen ook onderwijs. Bedlegerigen op bed, de anderen in een open schoolgebouwtje of in de openlucht. [ ]

Robur et Velocitas, Orden Apeldoorn anno 1958

Voormalig voetbalterrein Robur et Velocitas – Hoek Amsivarilaan / Germanenlaan Apeldoorn. Waar nu de woningen rondom de Treveristraat staan, speelde vanaf 1918 de voetbalclub Robur et Velocitas (kracht en snelheid). Robur is opgericht in 1882 en is niet alleen de oudste club van Apeldoorn, maar ook één van de eerste voetbalclubs in Nederland. Sportbeoefening was in die tijd een elitaire bezigheid. Robur was ook geen club waar veel inwoners van Orden gingen voetballen. De leden kwamen vooral uit andere en meer gegoede wijken van Apeldoorn.
Metselaars en timmerlieden – die de club Robur et Velocitas een goed hart toedroegen – bouwden in hun vrije tijd aan de nieuwe tribune. De eerste steenlegging viel samen met de viering van het 50-jarig jubileum van de club in 1932. In de jaren dertig maakten de gebroeders Jo, Jan, Henk en Carel Kres furore op het voetbalveld in het eerste elftal. Ook zorgden de clubleden zelf voor een ander hoogtepunt bij Robur, namelijk het plaatsen van vijf 16,5 meter hoge lichtmasten. In 1950 kon bij Robur als eerste club ook ‘s avonds getraind en gespeeld worden. In 1969 verhuisde de club naar het huidige terrein aan de Anklaarseweg. [ ]

Landgoed Welgelegen, Apeldoorn anno 1898

Huize ‘Welgelegen’Het landhuis van Admiraal Van Kinsbergen. Wanneer Jan Hendrik van Kinsbergen na talrijke omzwervingen en avonturen in 1798 neerstrijkt op het landgoed Welgelegen, ligt dit nog aan de rand van het oude dorp. Van Kinsbergen is dan ook een admiraal in ruste. Dat weerhoudt hem er overigens niet van binnen de Apeldoornse gemeenschap een actieve rol op zich te nemen.
De admiraal werd op handen gedragen door de Apeldoornse bevolking, maar ook met de Franse koning Lodewijk Napoleon kon hij goed opschieten. Van diens broer, keizer Napoleon, kreeg hij de titel ‘Graaf van Doggersbank’. Na het vertrek van de Fransen blijkt ook in het nieuwe Koninkrijk der Nederlanden Van Kinsbergen’s heldendom ongeschonden. Koning Willem I kent hem het Grootkruis van de Militaire Willemsorde toe en benoemt hem weer tot luitenant-admiraal. Admiraal Van Kinsbergen overlijdt op 22 mei 1819 op 84-jarige leeftijd.

Zie ook ‘De knik van freule Sweertje‘. [ ]

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Prepare yourself energetically before you apply for a job

‘Energetic Job Application’. Learn to apply from an energetic perspective

Everyone knows how difficult it can be to find a job. Especially in these times. I know from personal experience. We have all sorts of explanations.

  • It’s the age.
  • It’s my experience.
  • It’s my sex.
  • It’s my certification.

In this weblog I want to offer a different tactic to yourself, namely  ‘Energetic Job Application‘.

Have you ever thought about the quality of your energy field?

During the ‘Application Course’ – I was offered – the first thing addressed was ‘Trauma recovery’ with the aim to apply for jobs after this stage with new zest. And that’s good! But …

.. what if it does not work though? Where do you get your energy from when you are without, despite the trauma counseling?

You’ll first need to start with yourself to get back to ‘Feeling Energetically Healthy‘.

The definition of ‘Feeling Energetically Healthy’ is,” to be able to feel your body as if it emits a shield of energy, as if there is a aura of energy surrounds the body with the right quality.

Energy Shield

Energy Shield

If anything else does not work, you might want to prepare yourself energetically with such a shield. Just like a magnetic field. Ready for you to attract that job that fits best.

Some people have enough enthusiasm to generate this ‘shield’ automatically. Others will really have to work for it. Just as one have to work out to lose excess weight.

“I can remember it well. It is May 19th 1984 and my workplace had come to an end.  I was young and full of energy. So I went to the employment agency and found a job at the Rijks Computercentrum in Apeldoorn. A workplace that I may fill 25 years. [HS]”

You can create only positive things from a positive attitude, a positive feeling, positive basic attitude

Recently – listening to Esther ‘Abraham Hicks – I started to learn about “Creating your own reality’ based on the ‘Law of Attraction’. The core of this method is based on “the premiss to bring yourself in a positive attitude from which all positive intentions MUST manifest themselves”.

But how do you do that?!

This morning I woke up with a strong impresssion to feel my bodies ‘Energetic field/shield’. It is from this impression that I write this weblog.

It is my intention to bring others – including you – to go create. Whether it be work, money, relationship, information, situation.

Behavioral filters (People, Places, Things, Information, and Activity). [ NLP ]

The procedure for the “ENERGETIC APPLY ‘

Step 1. Become aware of the shield. Create it, feel it,  nurture it. [PS I wonder if this is the ‘answer’.]

Step 2 Once aware of this shield – Esther ‘Abraham’ Hicks would perhaps call the’ high-flying disc ‘- apply for a job. Experience the outcome of this hypothesis.

I – myself – am averse to manifest things that I think I want. I want to test this hypothesis by listening to The-Source-I-am-Born-With [TSIABW]. It is my strongest belief that TSIABW has the best for me at heart and that it will bring me where I can be employed at best.

Step 3. Check whether the shield still holds and become aware of what is manifested.

Invitation to actively apply for that one job

I invite you to take part in this experiment with ‘Energetic Application’ to find out yourself firsthand. You have nothing to lose and you can only create a better life. Creating the best living conditions for yourself and take responsibility for yourself.

Huib Salomons – Practitioner Specialized Kinesiology

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Abraham Hicks | Child Hear This

esther-and-jerry-hicks[1]Abraham Hicks  about “What Every Child Should Hear”

Inspirational speaker Esther/’Abraham’ Hicks gives insight on the things ‘Every child should hear”. Of coarse this is not the only recording on this subject, so … here are some other quotes worth taking notice of.

Listen to a series of three Youtube videos about “Abraham Hicks What Every Child Should Hear”. I love listening to Esther. I invite you to take the time and listen to her.

[Meet Esther/’Abraham’ Hicks]

Abraham Hicks Quotes on Babies & Children

Babies are thinking and attracting before they are speaking.  Even though you are only months old in your physical body, you are a very old and wise Creator, focused in that baby’s body.

Children coming forth today have a greater capacity to deal with the greater variety of information that is coming forth than you did.

Children or babies learn to mimic the vibration of the adults who surround them long before they learn to mimic their words.

Give them a conscious understanding of how powerful and important and valuable and perfect they are.

Most people don’t think that new-born children could be the creator of their own reality, because they are not even talking yet. But the Universe is not responding to your language anyway, the Universe is responding to your vibration.



More Quotes About Babies & Children from Abraham Hicks

The best that a parent can be…   A demonstrator…
A consistent, constant demonstrator of being in your own vortex.

The child is thinking and receiving vibrational thought from you on the day that he enters your environment. That is the reason that beliefs are transmitted so easily from parent to child.

The child is vibrationally receiving your fears, your beliefs, even without your spoken word. If you want to do that which is of greatest value for your child, give thought only to that which you want, and your child will receive only those wanted thoughts.

The little ones still remember how to use the power of their imagination. They are still engaged in the utilization of their imagination, that is one of the reasons that keeps them so exhilarated.

You can’t do anything about your adult children. You can want better for them, but you cannot do anything about someone else’s vibration other than hold them in the best light you can, mentally, and then project that to them. And sometimes, distance makes that much more possible than being up close to them.

How to live longer
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Meet Abraham Hicks

Who “is” Abraham? Whenever one feels moments of great love [Bliss], exhilaration, or pure joy – that is the energy of Source.


According to Esther and Jerry Hicks, Abraham is a group of entities that are “interpreted” by Esther Hicks. Abraham has described themselves as “a group consciousness from the non-physical dimension.” They have also said, “We are that which you are. You are the leading edge of that which we are. We are that which is at the heart of all religions.” Abraham has said through Esther that whenever one feels moments of great love, exhilaration, or pure joy, that is the energy of Source, and that is who Abraham “is”.

Channeling or not! The message remains the same

“Jerry and Esther never used the word channeling,” Abraham clarifies. “It is used when applied to them, but they have never used it, because it means many things of which they are not, you see.”

“You could leave the channeling out of it. Call it inspiration; that’s all it is. You don’t call the basketball player a channeler, but he is; he’s an extension of Source Energy. You don’t call the surgeon a channeler, but he is. You don’t call the musician, the magnificent master musician, you don’t call him a channeler, but he is. He is channeling the broader essence of who he is into the specifics of what he is about.”

Abraham-Hicks Teachings are teachings of experiencing beingness

Esther herself calls Abraham “infinite intelligence,” and to Jerry they are “the purest form of love I’ve ever experienced.” Her teachings (referred to as Abraham–Hicks teachings) are based on this experience.

The basic tenets of the teachings include that …

  1. People create their own reality through their thoughts.
  2. Emotions are constantly guiding people toward where they want to go.
  3. Life is supposed to be fun, blissful.

The essence of Abraham–Hicks’ teachings since 1986 has been presented as follows: [1]

  • Individuals are physical extensions of the non-physical.
  • People are in their bodies because they chose to be.
  • The basis of life is freedom; the purpose of life is joy.
  • People are creators; they create with their thoughts.
  • Whatever people can imagine totally & completely – by creating a perfect vibrational match – is theirs to be, or do, or have.
  • Individuals choose their creations as they choose their thoughts.
  • Emotions indicate what people are creating, either consciously or subconsciously.
  • The Universe adores people; it knows their broadest intentions.
  • Individuals should relax into their natural well-being, and know that all is well.
  • Life is not meant to be a struggle, but a process of allowing.
  • People are creators of “thoughtways” on their unique “paths of joy”.
  • Actions and money are by-products of focusing on joy.
  • Individuals may depart their body without illness or pain.
  • People cannot die; their lives are everlasting as their bodies wither away.

A large part of Hicks’ work centers around the Law of Attraction, a concept written about in the early 1900s by William Walker Atkinson (1862–1932), in his book Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World (1906). [2]

  • How you feel about everything is what you are living!
  • Hold a thought for 17 seconds and accumulate that thought until it is a believe.
  • Experience constant new desires.
  • The power of the vortex does the work!!!!
  •  Close the gap of … enjoying life :: Stop working against.


  1. ^ “Abraham-Hicks Official Website, About”. Retrieved 27 April 2012.
  2. ^ William Walker Atkinson (1906). Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction. Advanced Thought Publishing.
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Yogi Berra

Yoqi Berra

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time now correction kinesiology

Time Correction in Kinesiology and more

“This session will cost you One Million Dollar!”

Provoke a shock state. Being trained in Three in One Concepts [Three In Once Concepts, Centering System] you should be able to understand that one of the factors that keeps a stressor dormant/present is the factor Time. In Three in Concepts the method for checking the presence of this hang-up is to declare the “Million Dollar”-statement: state “This session will cost you One Million Dollar!”  and muscle test. When the brain accepts this as being the case, the muscle test  will go “weak”. You now have an indication of the presence of Time as a factor that keeps on bringing back the same issue over and over again.

This “Million Dollar”-statement in fact is a statement to provoke a shock state. When you have made the correction and all seems clear, declare this simple statement or do something else that will induce a shock-state. It enables you to test whether the correction holds. Even  through bad weather.

Timeline correction. Until recent I reasoned that Time (in grosso: Timeline [Tad James, Time Line Therapy] ) was the only factor that could bring up memories that could raise the same issues over and over again. This worked fine as I divided the Timeline in Past, Present, Future, All the time and Unconscious. Performing the same corrections as in the Present Time. This worked just fine for the testperson and I.

Insights grow, and as this is happening the field of possiblities grows. Than what are these new insights, you might ask. Well, my life’s field of interest is Mindfulness [Shinzen Young, Mindfulness]. And Mindfulness means that you stay in the Moment.

What is it about the Moment?

Time is born in the moment. From here you identify the Future and the Past (and anything else that is time related). In the Moment – the Now – not only Time is born, but also Space. This is called the Time-Space vector. And yet two other vectors are born Criteria-Scope and Meaning-Result [Michael Hall, Matrix Model] (And maybe more, but this is as far as I go for now).

Timeline-correction extended. So from this point of view you can see that new planes are being formed and with that the possibility to go even deeper with the corrections. Up to now the testperson was “clear” when there was no indicator change on the Timeline. With this Matrix approach corrections are made (same as in the present time) on all planes and in all directions (vectors).

There is no going back! You now have to consider – muscle test – all of these possibilities, whether you like it or not. You will not “clear” the issue when you have not corrected the issue in these directions and planes.

And it all comes down to initiating of a shock-state: “This session will cost you One Million Dollar!”.

Huib Salomons
Practitioner Specialized Kinesiology, Apeldoorn The Netherlands

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